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6 Ways FiscalNote’s Asset Mapping Opens Doors With Lawmakers

by Mia Manzella, FiscalNote

Visually show the impact your assets have on the electorate in a district or state in quantifiable terms.

FiscalNote's district mapping

You already know the importance you bring to communities where you have assets such as chapters, bases, manufacturing plants, or supply chain warehouses. But do the newly elected officials in those districts and states understand?

Here’s how FiscalNote’s asset mapping tool can help. 

1. Visualize your organization's footprint 

When’s the last time you, or one of your team members, showed a Congressional or state lawmaker the impact your assets have on the electorate in their district or state? Can you even show what that impact adds up to, in quantifiable terms?

Say Congress is funding programs for anything from planes and equipment to uniforms or supplies. The agencies that provide these commodities have suppliers and production facilities that are creating thousands of jobs and countless other benefits to the communities they’re operating in. If you can show elected officials hard metrics, such as the number of jobs you’re providing, locations of facilities, and payroll generated, you’ll be able to show the value you bring to their constituencies — making it easier to educate them on your issues and earn more funding.

Overlaying lawmakers’ districts and states with your agency’s assets and showing the direct value you bring to their constituencies is key. Visually understand where your assets and lines of business are located and what your footprint is across both Congressional and state districts with FiscalNote

2. Get the right information in front of the right people

FiscalNote's District Mapping

FiscalNote's District Mapping tool allows you to visualize your organization's footprint in any district or state

When there are dollars, cents, and votes on the line, lawmakers tend to listen more. Being able to demonstrate the impacts of your assets enables you to have a more direct line of communication with federal, state, and local legislators and to educate and inform as needed.

Proving the financial impact you have on their constituents will help get lawmakers’ attention. FiscalNote’s “at-a-glance” visual map makes it easier for you to secure meetings and tell the story of your value in any given district or state. When you look good with all the jobs and economic input you’re bringing, they look good, too. 

The flexibility of our asset mapping tool, combined with the dedicated support of an assigned FiscalNote consultant, lets you call out where you contribute economically and socially, which can further highlight the impact you have in a lawmaker’s district or state.

3. Scalable across multiple constituencies

Your agency might operate at a national level, with its footprint extending across several states, cities, and counties. Mapping your impact with data tied to each of these drilled-down districts can be challenging — but it doesn’t have to be. FiscalNote takes the grunt work by encompassing all 435 Congressional districts and those at the state level. You have the option of zooming out to as many districts or states that matter for your programs, or zooming in on a select handful where you’re most focused or trying to convince a lawmaker of a particular outcome. 

4. Data-driven insights rule the day

Lawmakers care more about their own constituents, and ultimately their votes, than anything else. FiscalNote’s asset mapping lets you highlight your organization’s footprint with a report that shows your impact on those constituents using hard data. You can customize the map to summarize everything from the number of employees, physical locations, number of jobs, and much more that your organization provides the community.

This data allows people within and outside of your organization to clearly understand and communicate your impact on legislative districts, corresponding constituents, and elected officials.

FiscalNote's Professional Services

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5. An extension of your team

A dedicated consultant from our in-house FiscalNote Professional Services team will act as an extension of your group to personally get to know your organization and offer support and guidance each step of the way. They’ll create materials specific to your industry and organization — and in your voice and brand — so it looks and feels like it’s coming directly from you.

6. Keeping your data protected 

With FiscalNote the #1 most trusted issues management software, you can rest assured your data is secure. Our tools are certified SOC 2 compliant —ensuring your sensitive and private information stays safe. 

A holistic approach to managing your key issues with FiscalNote 

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