|Mar 18, 2014

5 Reasons Why State Government Matters… If You Drive a Car

Don’t know how state legislation affects you? Here are five ways state legislators are trying to affect the car you drive. Which cars you can buy Think state government wouldn’t try to limit what kind of car you can drive?…

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|Mar 11, 2014

Florida’s Pop-Tart® Gun Bill

Florida is on track to offer protection to children who use their finger, food, or pencil as a simulated gun. Last week, the Florida House Education Committee approved a bill (HB 7029, sponsored by Rep. Dennis Baxley) that would keep…

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|Mar 10, 2014

FiscalNote Demos at South By SouthWest

Later this afternoon, FiscalNote CEO Tim Hwang and Senior Operations Executive Arthur Karell  will be giving demos of FiscalNote’s flagship legislative product, FiscalNote Prophecy, at the South by Southwest Interactive Startup Spotlight. Both Hwang and Karell have already enjoyed spending time…

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|Mar 03, 2014

Glassing While Driving — State Lawmakers versus Google Glass

We all know driving and drinking is dangerous, but how about driving and winking? Well, if those winks are being used to operate your Google Glass, the answer might be yes, state lawmakers say. It’s all part of the ongoing…

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