|Feb 25, 2014

State Lawmakers Make It Easier to Enjoy Craft Beer

Finding a local brewery just got a whole lot easier, especially if you live on the West Coast. Last year, roughly 3,700 new brewery permits were issued across the United States, a large increase over the number of 2012 permits….

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|Feb 19, 2014

Drones and the States

They’ve sparked the imagination, inspired a thirteen-hour filibuster, and prompted a project to deliver packages to your door: drones are at equal times revered and feared. Once the domain of science fiction, drones are rapidly populating our skies and our…

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|Feb 17, 2014

FiscalNote & the Sharing Economy: Staying One Step Ahead

As we’ve mentioned before, Airbnb has run into some legal trouble. The New York State Attorney General last year subpoenaed at least 15,000 records of Airbnb hosts, saying they’d run afoul of a law governing subleases. Airbnb has fought back,…

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|Feb 13, 2014

How the Far-Reaching Farm Bill Affects You

The President, to much fanfare in Michigan, recently signed into law the Agriculture Act of 2014, more commonly known as the farm bill. According to the White House, the U.S. agriculture sector employs about three million people, and net farm…

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|Feb 11, 2014

The California Kill Switch

California State Senator Mark Leno just introduced a bill last week to require a “kill switch” on all mobile communications devices sold in California beginning in 2015. If passed, any phone sold after 2015 would have to allow an owner…

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|Feb 10, 2014

State Legislative Session Previews: Wyoming and Arkansas

Starting today, the Wyoming and Arkansas state legislatures are officially in session. Here’s a preview of bills and issues that may be considered, as well as legislators to watch. Wyoming Wyoming is currently in the midst of a special session…

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|Feb 07, 2014

More Federal Inaction – States Forced to Take Up Long-Term Unemployment Insurance

On Thursday, U.S. Senate Democrats came one vote shy of the 60 votes needed to move forward on a bill to reinstate unemployment insurance for the long-term unemployed. Despite weeks of negotiations, there appears to be no clear path forward…

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|Feb 05, 2014

A “Season of Speeches” – Responding to Differing Gubernatorial Agendas

We are in the midst of what the New York Times recently termed the “season of speeches,” when President Obama and governors from the 50 states take to the podium to describe the state of our country. These State of…

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